How to avoid rubbing with your new shoes

avoid-chafingSurely it has happened to you at some point, when you have bought new shoes, that shortly after putting them on you realize that they are rubbing, and in the end you end up with a lot of plasters on your feet and suffering to be able to put on your new pair of shoes.

Avoiding chafing is simple, but to do so you must follow some of the tips that we are going to give you below.


Why do our shoes rub?

When the good weather arrives and we change our shoes, chafing usually appears. Generally you we say goodbye to socks and stockings and this causes our foot to be in direct contact with the footwear, which causes more friction and our shoes rubbing.

Above all, it happens to us in good weather, since the heat makes our feet a little more swollen and when we change the style of shoe we wear and especially when we wear shoes without stockings or socks,

Carry a box of band aids in the bag It may be an option, but it will not give you relief forever and, in addition, many times the plasters end up coming off or look very ugly.



How to avoid chafing on your feet

Many times we think that our feet are very different from everyone else's, because all the shoes we try on They hurt us and end up rubbing us, but this is something very common and when we put on new shoes it is normal that they need time to adapt to our anatomy, weight, way of walking, etc.

We can speed up this process by following some tips:

Widen the shoes

Attempt let the shoes give a little It is one of the first options that we should try, buthow to widen shoes? It's easy, you can follow different techniques. The most basic are:

  • Put your shoes on at home for a few days with some sports socks, the thickest you have, to ensure that they give and adapt to your foot easily.
  • If they are leather shoes you can heat them with a hair dryer Before putting them on, you will see how they adapt to your foot like a glove. But be careful if the shoes have any type of decoration, as the heat can cause them to peel off and fall off.
  • Put inside the shoe socks rolled into a ball and pressing so that they are tight. It is a way to make a homemade last.
  • Use the freezer, yes, the freezer. This technique is one of the most effective and consists of almost completely filling a bag with water and putting it in the shoe, then putting the shoes in with the bags of water inside, in the freezer and leave it for several hours, if possible overnight. When you take it out and it defrosts you will see how the water bag has adapted perfectly to the shoe, widening it a little so that it fits better.
  • Use wet newspapers that you will insert inside each shoe, pressing and giving it the appropriate shape.


There are several techniques to widen shoes, all of them effective but always keeping in mind that the friction caused by the footwear is a natural friction that only requires us to widen the shoe a little.

It's very important choose the correct shoe size, try it on and take a few steps before finally settling on the chosen pair of shoes, since many times, different brands or models of footwear can have different measurements and a size 39 shoe in a dancer's model can be for the same person. person who wears a size 38 shoe in a salon model.

It will always depend on the manufacturer, material, model and design of the shoe in question.


Moisturize the shoe with cream so that it adapts to your foot

We can also avoid chafing by adapting the shoes to our skin, treating them with products that make the part that rubs us give a little, just enough to avoid chafing.

The most common and simple thing is apply a moisturizer to the skin of the shoeFor example, if they are sandals, we can apply it to the straps or the back, which is where chafing generally occurs.

This way of hydrating the skin of the shoe softens it and makes it give way. We must apply a generous layer and let it sit, and even apply by hand until the skin absorbs all the product.

For example, it is a very good technique to use with sandals or with sandals. women's ballet flats, but also with the nautical and others shoes for summer.


In addition to putting cream on the area that rubs on your shoe, you can put on some sports socks and wear them at home for a few days to soften the skin.


New shoes for important events

If you have bought new shoes just thinking about a wedding or an important event, don't make the serious mistake of wearing them that day. You don't have to wear them to go anywhere, but it will be very successful if you wear them at home for several hours a day. Get used to the type of heel, leather and, above all, avoid chafing., adapting the shoe to your feet.

Believe me, arriving at an event with foot pain is unbearable, and it will not let you enjoy the celebration as it deserves. In fact, if you are the protagonist, you will have to find an alternative to escape the horror of the chafing on your feet. or everything will be ruined.


On many occasions it happens to us, we believe that when we try on the shoes they fit us well, they are the correct size and they seem comfortable, but just trying them on in the store or at home is not enough.

We have to walk with them and see how we adapt, if we are able to support the heel or we need it lower or wider, if it will be necessary to look for a shoe model with a platform or opt for wedge shoes.

We must not only think about the size of the shoe but also its shape, since our feet can adapt better to one type of footwear than another, depending on the morphology they present, such as the arch of the bridge we have, etc.


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