Nike Adapt BB, Smart Sports Shoes have arrived

The future is already here, in 1985 in the movie "Back to the Future" we were able to see some Sneakers that miraculously, by pressing a button, they adjusted to the measurements of our feet. Today this is a reality and we will be able to enjoy them on our feet thanks to Nike with its Adapt BB model.

Smart sneakers that automatically adapt and adjust to our feet with a system called Nike Adapt

These shoes are initially developed for playing basketball, a sport where the foot can expand up to almost 50% of its original size due to the strong impacts produced when jumping or braking and starting suddenly, dribbling against the opponent, etc...

They are pretty and comfortable 😀

To achieve this revolutionary advance, these shoes have sensors that are capable of calculating, based on our weight and our measurements, the necessary tension so that the foot is adjusted correctly and ensures comfort at all times to be able to enjoy the game or simply A city tour.

By using the App the user can adjust the tension of the support system depending on the needs of each moment. It is not the same to be playing a game where it is necessary to have a great support to avoid unwanted injuries than to be resting for a while. dead or simply enjoying its comfort taking a walk with our friends.

Also from this complete App we can check the status of the batteries and update the firmware when necessary.

Nike is betting heavily on these shoes and they have been designed and tested with impact, extreme temperatures and waterproofing tests by professional athletes.

You may be wondering the price and availability of these "sneakers of the future" at the moment they can only be obtained in the USA starting February 17 and for $350

We are looking forward to trying them and you ??????