These women's shoes are the ones you will see this season

women's-shoes-seasonAs we have already commented on other occasions, this season we will see above all women's dancers, because it is the feminine footwear par excellence for spring. Spring ballet flats are also very useful, because they are a very popular type of footwear. easy to combine, which we can have in different colors, designs or prints, and which we can also purchase for a very affordable price.

On the other hand, the sneakers are becoming increasingly important also among girls, offering fashion, style and comfort for a very attractive price. We all have the model that we like the most and we are open to buying new ones as soon as we find a new model that drives us crazy.

But not only are ballet flats and sneakers the queens of the season, but in the coming months we will be able to see many new trends both on the streets and on the catwalks. Do you want to know more?

Dress your feet with formal footwear this season

Women are lucky to be able to count on the most beautiful sandals to dress our feet, and now we are in the ideal season because it is already starting to get hot, but it is still bearable, a heat that does not swell your feet and that allows you to combine mid-season models with your outfits of any style.

When we go from cold to hot, it usually takes us a bit to change the type of footwear. The most shy ones can start by showing their feet little by little, with models peep toe that reveal only the tips of the fingers. You can find them both in court shoe style and in ankle boots, the latter a model that you will love, because it is perfect for half-time, ideal to combine with both formal clothing and a more casual outfit And it is also a style that is not widely seen, so all eyes will fall on your feet.


However, if you want you can go for some sandals, because there are perfect models for halftime, which are somewhat more closed and which in turn allow your feet to stay fresh all day long. To dress, perhaps the most useful is a high-heeled model, but keep in mind that sandals can have many different styles and if you know how to combine them well, a flat sandal can be a great ally for your outfits.

We must not forget the clogs, a great model of footwear that combines perfectly with a wide variety of clothing styles, both casual and more formal, and that we can use this season as basic footwear that never goes out of style.


Wedge shoes, the perfect ally for this season

If there is a type of footwear that is ideal for mid-season and that you can also wear in both summer and winter, it is wedges. Any style of footwear that includes wedges will serve as basic shoe, an essential wardrobe item, which this season you can find with very varied models such as those that include a print decoration on the wedge part, different from the rest of the shoe, giving it a very personal style.

Find your model with the centimeters you want to add to your height. Wedge shoes stylize and allow greater comfort by distributing the weight of the body in a more balanced way.


Calzados Vesga offers you the women's shoes that are trendy every seasona, with current styles that you will love and all this for an incredible price, since as we always remind you, our online store has exclusive prices.