Combine your flat sandals with a skirt

combines-flat-sandalsThe good weather arrives, suddenly, almost without warning and we quickly have to adapt to it. Both clothing and footwear undergo a radical change practically overnight, having to look for the seasonal footwear. It is also the time when we see the most strange things, in terms of clothing and footwear styles, on the street.

During spring and especially in the weeks before summer, we can come across girls on the street who are wearing coats or closed jackets and boots or ankle boots with stockings, but also people who, as soon as a ray of sun comes out, put on their tank tops. and his sandals.

There is time for everything and what we have to try to do is be a little coherent, however, variety is where pleasure and fun is, so it is time to experiment with our clothes and shoes to see what suits us best with each thing.

Summer sandals

exist models of sandals that we can wear throughout the yearGenerally in winter we use them as dress shoes, for black-tie events, etc., and in summer we use them for everything, daily, casual style, formal style, for work,...

Summer sandals are very varied and we can find models for all tastes. Focusing on flat sandals, perhaps we have to reset our heads because many women think that to combine sandals with a skirt, they must have a heel. But that's not entirely true.

Heels stylize and add centimeters, but not all women are looking for the same thing, some do not need to increase their height or they can't stand wearing heels for a long time.

Flat sandals are much more comfortable and, currently, we can find very varied designs that are perfect to combine with skirts.


Tricks to combine your flat sandals with a skirt

Choose the sandal model based on your outfit, for example:

  • if is one more tribal or ethnic style You can choose a leather model with decorations of colored rhinestones or beads that form some type of tribal drawings.
  • If you are looking for a more formal style, and you want to combine a basic skirt, you can opt for two options, on the one hand choose a model that gives some color to the outfit and that matches the bag you choose and on the other hand you can choose a sober model that follows the lines of the overall, being more discreet.
  • If the style of your outfit is more casualFor example, if you are wearing a denim skirt or a chiffon skirt with a floral print, choose some Roman sandals, don't hesitate, because they will be your best choice.


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