Dress your feet with the most appropriate formal footwear for summer

shoe-dress-summerIn summer the trend in footwear is usually towards a most comfortable type of shoe, leaving heels aside and looking for platforms, wedges or flat shoes.

However, sometimes we have to use a more formal footwear, either because we have a special event such as a wedding, communions, etc., or because we have to attend a business meeting that requires a more formal style or simply because our group requires it.

How to choose the most appropriate formal footwear for each occasion

To choose we must know what they are the main types of dress shoes that we can take to the different scenarios that we have to go to:

Heeled shoes

It is the classic par excellence, the one that never fails no matter what the event. If you have doubts, of course high heel shoe It is your best ally, especially if you have a basic style, a basic wardrobe type. court shoe in a neutral tone, that can be used for different outfits, that will be your ace up your sleeve.

However, there are real beauties in high-heeled shoes, and if you want to stand out for your shoes at a formal style event, to which you have to be very dressed up, you can take advantage of the occasion to buy a most special pair of shoes and be the center of all eyes.


Low shoes

If you don't like heels, you're not looking to gain centimeters in height or you simply don't feel comfortable, you have the low dress shoes. It is true that in summer the trend is more towards sandals, but if you are looking for a more formal shoe, you can find models that will serve you for your dress occasions, being comfortable all the time.


Peeptoes style shoes

This model of shoes allows for so many styles that you will undoubtedly be able to find one to your liking. Leaving the toes and often the heel visible, most designs also include a bit of platform at the toe. However, we also find models of peeptoes shoes with wedge or flat.

The essence of this style is opening in the front. We can find very varied styles, with diverse materials that allow us to use the most formal footwear depending on the event we have to attend. It is generally a style of formal and dress shoe so it is valid for all scenarios.


Wedge shoes

The wedge shoes They are an intermediate option, very practical in summer, for all those who do not feel completely comfortable with heels, but who want to stylize their figure a little with shoes that elevate them. You can find dress wedge shoes that work for you for more formal occasions, whether they are for work, such as attending an outdoor event, a wedding, etc.


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