The best men's street style for your feet


street-style-masculineWhat do we see on the street? What are the most worn shoes? What trends do kids follow today when choosing footwear?

We have the answers to all these questions, do you want to know them?

Current men's footwear on the street

If we think about footwear Men's street style par excellence, without a doubt our first idea is the Sports shoes, and we are right. They opt for sports shoes, but not just any sneakers but rather the most fashionable sports that they find, and by fashion we do not refer precisely to anything that is out of the ordinary, with striking decorations or different colors, but we refer to the latest fashion in sports shoes for boys, that is, the sneakers of the moment, those that we all want and that we all love.

It is a type of footwear that has as many variants as we want to look for, its colors range from the most basic and discreet to the most striking and striking. We can find them oriented more to play sports with them or intended for use them as casual shoes.


Without a doubt, sneakers are the most in-demand street style men's footwear today, but on the other hand, if we look closely we can see how More formal footwear fashions are changing.

Boys are increasingly concerned about their image, following a trend and trying to copy, even in part, the influencers of the moment.

He masculine urban style It is being reinvented and there are important changes in both fashion and footwear. For example, the length of the pants is getting shorter and the current trend is to even show the ankle by turning the bottom of the pants a couple of times.

In some way we are offering a greater role to footwear, which we cannot take lightly and, whether to complete a casual style, with sneakers as we mentioned above, or for a more formal look, the men's footwear that we see in The street is quite different from a few seasons ago.


Main types of men's formal street style footwear

These are the main trends that we are currently finding to complete men's clothing looks:


The blucher have been reinvented and we can see models with certain decorations that make them original and unique footwear, which should not be abused, it must be said, since when a component of our outfit is too striking, it will attract everyone's attention and it is not convenient for us to be seen repeating the same thing every day. element.


The Castilian style moccasins give a more sober touch to the whole and they are perfect to combine with a suit, both to go to work and to attend a formal event, but we can also see them in combination with casual style outfits, providing a touch of very personal style to the entire outfit.

Also the more flexible style moccasins, those whose material is usually lighter skin and brighter colors, are the order of the day and we see them in looks of all kinds.


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