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Aura Blanc : A brand with style

Aura Blanc offers elegant and quality footwear to classy women who like to be comfortable and fashionable. The shoes of this brand are made with exquisite quality materials.

Timeless styles, its aesthetics are based on horsemanship and the rider style. Leather boots, brown and veige colors are staples in the Aura Blanc product range. The ankle boots of this brand are made with high quality leathers and we try to pamper all the details to give an impeccable finish to the footwear.

Aura Blanc elegant footwear

Aura Blanc shoe designs exude elegance in each of their fabrics. The materials are first quality and they allow you to enjoy each model for a long time thanks to the magnificent finishes that make it a resistant shoe for long days.

Going to the field or to places other than clean asphalt does not mean having to do without elegant shoes. Thanks to the Aura Blanc models you can go with the perfect outfit, comfortable and equipped for any occasion.

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